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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 16, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. great videos are coming your way, "right this minute." some longboarders are headed for a head-on wipeout. >> that is actually a police officer suv. >> why it's the confrontation after the crash that has people talking. >> you were in front of our lane and you made all -- it's illegal. >> climbers scale great heights with just -- >> strength, a backpack and camera. >> didn't stop the daredevils in dubai. >> a biker stops after spotting two toddlers out --
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>> in the busy four-lane street. >> the story that's every parent's nightmare. >> a youtube favorite decides he is -- >> going to watch his own birth. >> yikes. >> how he and mom bonded all over again. >> it's beautiful. >> it's your mom's -- >> guys a debate about this next one going on. i want you to weigh on it too. west vancouver, canada. a group of longboarders heading down the hill, residential area. the video posted by a guy named danny carlson. out with his friends lee and keenan. watch up ahead that is a police officer suv. the longboarders say he swerved in front of them. watch it again in slow motion and you tell me. >> it didn't look like the police officer's car had a blinker on either. looks like it had lights flashing but not a left turn signal. >> he was clearly stopping them to give them a citation. this is not legal in the street.
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this conversation that they had is what people are really talking about. listen to this. >> you were in front of our lane and you m it's illegal to try to longboard out here. i'm sick and tired of dealing with you. do you understand. >> did you see what you caused this guy? >> we have witnesses. >> the cop has a point when he says you're in the lane of traffic. there is no lane that is your lane. the longboarders say our lane. but i think they're also thinking couldn't he have given us a ticket at the bottom of the hill. we're stopped or something and not gotten in their path. what the cop did seems like a bad choice but aren't these guys putting themselves at risk doing what they're doing to begin with? >> they are breaking the law and they could crash regardless i think what people are probably upset about, this cop just heightened that risk very literally. >> this is what the debate is about if you read the youtube comments. everybody is going back and forth with this. the west vancouver police did release a statement, aware of the concerns being expressed via
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social media about this video and there is an internal review to determine whether the police policies and guidelines were properly followed. a photo keenan posted. you can see the wounds he suffered during this accident. no serious injuries in this but this guy got hurt. >> better things with your time instead of running kids off the road with your vehicle. this video was posted by a group called crazy russians. russians are crazy especially the young folks because they like to climb high bridge, high towers, stuff that's been condemned, they'll climb it. they've climbed everything in russia so they've gone to dubai and climbed, they say, all the high buildings there. and there you see them without any protection from a fall or anything like that. they're just up there with backpacks and cameras. >> they're at the top of these things too like up in almost like smoke stacks. >> looked like they're in a rocket on a launch pad. what is that thing?
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>> climbing very tall buildings in dubai. one of them is nearly 1360 feet high. they're very high up in the air. again, nothing to keep them from falling. it's just their strength, a backpack and a camera. >> and sandals. he's wearing sandals. >> oh. snap. >> i would have taken one little tiny little harness just in case. the shots they're getting are pretty spectacular. >> we go from extremely high to extremely short. i want you guys to look at the shortest elevator. watch where this guy is getting on the elevator. you see he's right up here at the top of these steps. okay. watch this guy. >> what? >> that's pit? it. >> no way. >> most has to be like three feet. >> like one step. >> if you're in a wheelchair even that little distance is an issue. that's why the elevator is there. >> i guess there is no ramp, yes. i would appreciate it. >> a ramp -- >> the elevator has to go up a
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couple floors above too? >> or the designer has a really good sense of humor. >> what do they call that on the inside? i want to see the button. half a floor, quarter of a floor. >> i'm a fan of bikers doing good deeds. this video caught by the biker's camera mounted on his motorcycle, cruising down the road not a great speed going with traffic and up ahead that vehicle starts to jam on its brakes. the rider comes to ap to. puts on his flashers. if you see up ahead there are two small children out in the middle of this busy four-lane street. so the biker jumps off and the one child looks to be 2 to 3 years old, tiny, both of them, scoot back inside the gate, where they appear to have come from. the biker yells to the house, hoping to get somebody to come out and realize that these kids have managed to let themselves out. then he kindly takes this gate and closes it right as traffic begins to go around. >> every parent's nightmare
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right there. >> yeah. >> scary moment for those parents. the good deed this guy did stop and get off his bike. in the next video when you see the opening images of a massive truck rollover that has crushed a car you would think no way did somebody get out of this but the driver of that vehicle is trapped inside that vehicle, but rescuers working hard with all the tools that they have at their disposal here on a road in china, peeling back the windshield. looks like at one point they take a heavy duty strap and attach it to the frame of the vehicle to try to pry the roof of the car back up. you see the woman bent over inside. almost looks like in the position she's in, she could have seen the truck coming and maybe duck. they used the jaws of life at one point and snip away at this car. eventually they are able to get her out and she has basically minor injuries if you can believe that. >> makes me believe in miracles right there. no other way to describe that. someone is spreading sp love
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around the uk. i guess you could say peace. check out these peace signs that have been popping up at different, very-recognized land marks around the uk. there's a building, the sun goes down and suddenly there's a peace sign reflected on it. they do that in different places. >> they're painted, sometimes made out of humans. >> that was in front of the national gallery. they got a bunch of people to form themselves in the shape of a peace sign. the tower bridge in london. they did this cool effect in the london eye where there's a water fountain and they reflect the peace sign off the water. right in the middle of the eye. it's a really cool effect. >> i love how they painted over graffiti with a big white mark and then painted like the peace sign with flowers. >> the cool thing is a campaign called make love not war, by links peace. a line of hygiene products, shampoo, deodorants, shower gel.
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>> i thought this was advertising a new beatles' album or something like that. >> i think it helps keep the peace in public places. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. you don't want to punch the person next to you -- >> where's your giant peace sign body spray? >> that's what it looks like. >> it does. >> taking extreme sports to the next level. >> this is the beginning of what could be a future revolution. >> how electric jet engines could be hitting the slopes soon. and look who's playing catch. >> a polar bear. >> see how his throwing game is >> oh.nt. bulldog: [yawning]
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[boy] mom!ughs] [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
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you know, you would think the application of a jet engine would be resolved solely for r aerospace and airplanes but jet engines are making their way into extreme sports. this is the beginning of what could be a future revolution in extreme sports with electric jet engines. they're being tested by professional snowboarder jamie in switzerland on a frozen lake. >> it might sound a bit crazy to think i'm going to be propelled by electric jets but in reality it's not as bad as it sounds. you're not going to take off and fly somewhere. >> this contraption built by adam is pretty amazing. battery powered, electric model plane engine on this crossbar that the rider can hold on to. they do a couple different test
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runs over several days in switzerland while jamie gets the hang of things. he finally gives it full thrust, i guess you could say, and eventually gets this thing up to about 50 miles per hour. >> what? >> on flat ground from a dead start. >> i do like this because when you go skiing sometimes you do end up on a flat stretch of a trail, right, you have to work to get yourself to the next drop. this is cool because i got this and -- >> it's really, really fun. i'm really excited to enjoy it. >> they're still working on this. it's a prototype. not something you can buy now. they think it's going to be something quite revolutionary. >> i see devices becoming extreme sport devices. commonplace. people are using them to get up ski slopes, wind surfing when no wind, wherever you want a lot of power you probably use something like this in the future. when you say you're going to
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play catch with an animal a dog chimpanzee or rang tang. how about a polar bear? that's what happened in new mexico. miguel says his son went to the zoo and caught this video. they say the polar bear loved all the attention it was getting from the people. but guess what? somebody actually caught it. >> oh. >> nice. >> you can go over the top there right into that water. >> just because they're big and could be dangerous in the wild to get close doesn't mean you can't play with them at the zoo. i mean there's a sense and a way. everybody was protected. >> throw me the ball. >> this is finkel. finkel belongs to casey. they live in portland, oregon. he said he put up the new shelving and finkel likes to climb up there. >> get me the ball, finkel. >> finkel swipes it, throws it at him and he catches it. >> good boy. >> he needs to be somebody's pitching rotation.
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>> have to have an automatic response to knock stuff off shelves. just what they do. i don't know why. i wish i knew what that was all about. >> good boy. >> let's go back in time to october 10th, 2013. of course you're going to remember where you were on that day because that was the day that arturo posted this serious announcement. >> you want to tell them or should i? >> just tell them. >> we're opening a taco shop. >> yeah flash forward to present day. the taco shop is open. check this out. he and his little cute son, you remember him, here they are outside of the store. >> right now luis and i are standing in front of our family restaurant. luis said it's called frigulous. he says it's friholes now. >> some of the awesome features. >> security camera. >> jose and luis is excited
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about it being next to bootles. >> video poker. >> his favorite place to hang out on a saturday night. >> i'm excited because the food is going to be amazing. >> jose excited for a different reason. >> across the street from 7-eleven. >> never know when a kid will need a slurpee. >> seems like they're open now. check them out which is awesome. the beginning of the video we see a highlight from jose luis's recent t-ball game which i loved. >> how did your t-ball game go today? >> good. >> was it really good? >> yeah. >> the kid ran behindhim. >> justtanding shortstop not paying any attention. >> it was a really good game. she's walking into a very big reunion. >> this is a very special moment. >> oh, my god. >> it seems like she hasn't seen her in forever. >> the story behind the reunion, next "right this minute." >> and still to come, kayaking
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through the box canyon. >> check it out right here. how much that narrows down. >> if he took his paddle and went like this i feel like he would get stuck. >> a pizza delivery guy gets served a scary prank. >> oh, heck no. >> he thinks he's just going to give her the pizza. he's out of there. >> why this terrifyin.
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closed captioning provided by -- hello, i'll buzz you up. >> as if being a delivery person wasn't difficult enough. >> hi. weight up? how much do i owe you? >> $21.84. >> all right. if you just want to give me a second and come in i have to grab your money. you can take a seat and make yourself comfortable. >> are they allowed to do that? >> if you're a smart pizza delivery guy you say no thanks, i'll stay right here.
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stay right here. pay up. >> suddenly a movie starts playing on the tv that's already on. >> oh. >> what the heck? >> heck no. >> ma'am? ma'am? you can have the pizza. >> he thinks he's just going to give her the pizza, he's out of there. before he can get out. >> dude. i don't want no problems, man. i have my bottwallet right here >> hands over his money. >> no money. >> i didn't get a tip. i got my debit card and license. what do you need? >> [ inaudible ]. >> oh. >> no. i would be out. steam rolling through those people. >> dude, what is in that bag?
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>> they finally reveal this is all one big prank, but the guys over there, when they ended up dumping on him was $500 in $1 bills. >> this is your tip for the night my man. >> i'm thankful. >> yeah? >> yeah. thank you. >> bunch of mates in australia cruising through the creek deep in the rain forest of far north queensland. having to drag through canoes through the rain forest. different box canyons the narrow sheered wall streams that go through the canyon. look at that. isn't that gorgeous? these guys kayaking through. a classic class five run. lots of rapids and lots of beautiful waterfall drops. that one. >> wow. >> that's vertical. >> not his first day. check it out right here. how much that narrows down. if he took his paddle and went like this i feel he would get
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stuck. >> he's holding it like this he knows if he doesn't he will get stuck. >> the paddles are matthew brian and reilly. a bomber day out. a popular youtuber is about to see something very personal. >> is it -- >> yes? >> he is going to watch his own birth. >> see what happens when he catches a glimpse. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> that's the moment i want to see. [chris]still smoking up a storm?
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[tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? a new channel called london live over the pond has launched and what better way to celebrate that momentous occasion than with a giant screen on the side of a double-decker bus. they're celebrating the 24/7 entertainment channel by interacting with people to let them know the channel is now live and it also captures people interacting with the bus when
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they stand right in front of it. >> looks like they took a big screen out of an arena, stuck it on the side of a bus, put a camera on it and everybody acts cool in front of it. >> i love how everybody feels they have to dance. the tv is on, time to dance. >> couldn't just stand there. it's boring. you have to dance. apparently it took them 1,000 hours to set it up and makes this screen the second biggest outdoor in london. they used 230,000 led lights that produce more than 24 billion colors at about 100 frames per second. >> a little bigger than the screen i have on my wallet. >> just by a lot. >> this time of year is dangerous for peopeps because ty get eaten and what others do to them. >> what's up everybody? >> he has peeps. >> take bunny and like peeps like that. like -- >> he's putting them in the microwave. ♪
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>> okay. ten seconds into it. nothing changed much. but 15 seconds into it, man, look at this peeps getting fatter and fatter and fatter. >> they're basically melting. >> yeah. >> getting -- mushy and -- >> how cool is that? >> but then he puts one single bunny in there by itself. >> let's put it four minutes. >> it immediately falls over. watch how big it gets. >> man, look how big it is now. this is insane. >> microwave peeps. >> sometimes you do yeah. >> well, i can't say that i'd be willing to do what this guy is about to do in this video you're going to see, but we're in a world where people can do this nowadays. this is tyler oakley, very popular youtuber. he's got more than 4 million subscribers. >> my mom has my birth on tape. the day it all began is graphic.
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>> yes. >> he is going to watch his own birth. >> i'm a little terrified. my mom says that she's watched it. >> but that means he has to look at his mom's -- >> oh, yeah. >> let's do it. >> did they film everything, get it all on tape? >> you don't want me to videotape. >> videotape -- >> everything is what we're about to see. >> [ inaudible ]. >> there is a black box sensor on this so i'll give you that. >> oh, my gosh. well there's everything. >> that's the moment i wanted to see. i wanted to see just his face. he's like borderline barfing here. >> look at you. >> look at your face. >> and things got sketchy here for a minute. >> the cord is wrapped around your neck so they pulled that and now they're -- >> oh, my god. >> oh. >> trying to get you out. >> but thankfully for all of us this was a short labor because before you know it here's tyler.
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>> here he comes. there you go. here comes your shoulders. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> there is a nice moment here after the little guy is born he poops and this nice moment between mom and son. >> oh. >> i fell in love with you. >> it's nice. something magnificent. >> i agree but there is something a little awkward about it. you can't deny that. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time everybody. female announcer: get on board for better sleep. it's sleep train's interest free for 3 event. get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort; even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. you'll never find an interest rate lower than sleep train's interest free for 3 event, on now.
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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. time for great videos before they go viral, "right this minute". come here. >> please. >> no. i can't. >> a woman tries to seduce a cab driver, but -- >> the cab driver continues to say no, no, no, no. >> it's okay. >> no. i have to go. >> the crazy story of an innocent man thrown in jail until this video saved his bacon. >> a cyclist doesn't realize he's headed for danger. >> there's some laughing and screaming and you're trying to figure out what's going on. >> the moment a band of street


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